Wounded Writers Ask: Am I Doing It Write?

bookCoverThis book addresses (and aims to dismantle) writer woundedness, a state of being that prevents writers from trusting themselves as capable of writing something they can feel good about. In WWA, every writer is invited to begin a new writing history through a collection of 48 free-writes that explore list writing, aesthetic writing, word craft, and writing that delves into personal life stories. 

If you teach K12 writing, this book is for the wounded student writer as much as it is for the wounded classroom teacher as writer who may feel burdened by his/her own writing history such that he/she struggles with where or how to start.  For each freewrite, Leigh offers Before Writing, During Writing, and After Writing suggestions with samples of student writing to guide teachers into writing engagements with their students that break down walls and open up new vistas.


You do not need to purchase the book to participate in any WWA workshops.

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"This book is an excellent resource for the classroom teacher. It gives practical topics for a teacher to use in the classroom with samples of student writing to share."

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