"Traveling within ourselves is just as important and valuable as traveling by plane or ship" 


TRAVELOGUE #37: Windsor, Ontario 2016


This will go down as the shortest travelogue ever written known to man – or tree. But sometimes, a story has to be shared no matter how few the words.

In August 2014 in an effort to improve the 100-year-old water main and streetscape, the city of Windsor issued the steady removal and disposal or mature trees in favour of starting over and planting new ones. Lincoln, with his dried up root ball exposed on the corner of Wyandotte and, you guessed it Lincoln, laid there horizontal on the ground, forgotten, slated for the chipper, and begged me with his lacy leaves to save his chopped up ass.

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TRAVELOGUE #36: Birmingham, Michigan 2016


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TRAVELOGUE #35: Stratford, Ontario 2016

You know you’ve had a marvellous three days away from home when you’re happy to come home, only to feel on the fourth day a longing to relive those three in Stratford, Ontario.

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TRAVELOGUE #34: Birmingham, Michigan 2016

If bikini and suntan lotion constitute real travel in your books, then you might have to stop reading; there is no bikini in this story.

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TRAVELOGUE #33: London, England 2016

Just because you’re travelling far and wide, doesn’t mean your plans have to be. Sometimes, you don’t have (on purpose) a long list of things to do and see. Sometimes, you just want to hold up in a home and take up someone else’s routine.

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TRAVELOGUE #32: Minneapolis, Minnesota 2015

November past, I attended the NCTE conference in Minneapolis, MN to give three different presentations, one missed on account of the topsy-turvy relationship between snow and air travel.

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TRAVELOGUE #31: Kingsbridge, Ontario 2015

This travelogue is long overdue. And maybe there’s no point in writing it now, since my little holiday to Kingsbridge was weeks ago (16 if I’m counting), except that not writing it feels like a betrayal to the breath of the ocean (lake, actually). It’s as if Huron said, remember to take me back with you – and I said that I would, promised even – and then I didn’t.

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TRAVELOGUE #30: Chicago, Illinois 2015

Just returned from Chicago for AERA, the largest research conference in North America and quite possibly the world. In the spirit of research, I collected some data for you.

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TRAVELOGUE #29: San Obispo, California 2015

“If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, “said Jane Austen, “she must seek them abroad.”

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