"Traveling within ourselves is just as important and valuable as traveling by plane or ship" 


TRAVELOGUE #28: Washington, DC 2014


This past weekend I stayed at the Gaylord Hotel in Washington, DC for the NCTE conference, which drew a crowd of 6,500.

Gone are the days where early morning airport food might actually be something good, but one bite – just one bite from this bacon sandwich I ordered nearly knocked me off my chair. “You can’t smell a hug,” says British chef Nigel Slater, “but if you could…”

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TRAVELOGUE #27: Greenville, South Carolina 2014

A short travelogue follows a short holiday.

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TRAVELOGUE #26: New York City 2014

I just returned from NYC where I attended the SCBWI conference (society for children’s book writers and illustrators). Getting there was challenging since my flight was delayed five times. There’s nothing like eating water retention airport food for several hours only to land in one of the most stylish, bloat-free cities in the world.

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TRAVELOGUE #25: Costa Rica 2013


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TRAVELOGUE #24: Honesdale, Pennsylvania 2013

I just spent three days/two nights in Honesdale, PA for a workshop titled, “The Power of Picture Books: Links to Literacy & Learning,” a partnership between the Eric Carle Museum and the Highlights Foundation (yes, the magazine people). My department Chair was supposed to attend but since she could not go (she’s at a conference in Turkey) I got to go in her stead.

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TRAVELOGUE #23: Kingsbridge, Ontario 2013

I spent the last few days at a friend’s cottage in Kingsbridge, Ontario (12 miles north of Goderich) on lake Huron.

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TRAVELOGUE #22: San Francisco, California 2013

Muscles twitching, joints stiffening, I’ve just returned from my first bization of the New Year. That’s business and vacation combined or bizoliday if you prefer.

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TRAVELOGUE #21: London, England 2012

Last week, I attended the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) World Congress Meeting. It is a conference but when you charge a registration fee of 490 pounds ($850 USD) you get to call your event a world congress meeting. Attendees are call delegates. I attended as a delegate of Canada. I could have attended as a delegate of USA but was told Canada is underrepresented.

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TRAVELOGUE #20: Vancouver, British Columbia 2012

One of the great things about living so close to Detroit is Detroit Radio. You can count on Michael Jackson any hour of the day. At 4am, his 1980s beats kept me awake as I headed to the airport for the AERA conference in Vancouver, B.C., the largest research conference in North America and quite possibly the world. I learned that 14K people attended this year.

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