"Traveling within ourselves is just as important and valuable as traveling by plane or ship" 


TRAVELOGUE #19: New York City, NY 2012

I just spent the weekend in NYC for the NAEA conference. Going to a Broadway show was fantastic of course, as was walking through Central Park or having tea at The Plaza. But if I can leave you with one thought it is this:

Next time you’re in the city, you must have lunch or dinner at La Grenouille near 5th Avenue.

It is one of the last remaining Parisian restaurants in the city. It is the real thing. It is a dining experience like no other. I will never look at a soufflé the same way again. I probably won’t spend that much on a soufflé again, either. But oh, so well worth it.

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TRAVELOGUE #18: Florence & Rome, Italy 2012

The trip to Italy started with excitement and ended with expectorant.

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TRAVELOGUE #17: Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2012

I am back from Dubai with such stories to tell, the first and last of which begin with immigration.

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TRAVELOGUE #16: Chicago, Illinois 2011

I have just returned from the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) conference in Chicago, IL. The organization celebrated its 100th year. The programme book, heavy like a bible, included photos of members from the early 1900s.

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TRAVELOGUE #15: Estes Park, Colorado 2011

I have returned from the AEPL (Assembly on Expanded Perspectives in Literacy) conference in Estes Park, Colorado. Getting there, of course, was not without drama from border officials in Detroit.
I was fingerprinted and photographed as a consequence, it seemed, for knowing neither the exact street address of the YMCA of the Rockies nor its location from the airport. “Ma’am,” I explained, “I get North, South, East, West mixed up in my own hometown. This is not unusual for me.” I only further aggravated the situation by not having actual tickets with me. I explained that I would be printing my boarding pass at the airport. How is this unusual, my body language asked? I guess from now on I need to print it beforehand. It sure would be nice if there were consistency at the border.

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TRAVELOGUE #14: New Orleans, Louisiana 2011

I fell in love and got married in New Orleans. Twice, actually:

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TRAVELOGUE #13: Waterford, Michigan 2011

Last Saturday, I talked about writing (in writer’s notebooks) to 78 3rd, 4th, 5th grade children at the Young Author's Conference in Waterford, Michigan. This is my 3rd time doing this and each year, the enrollment numbers continue to dwindle. When I first started, there were 120 students participating.

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TRAVELOGUE #12: UK Tour 2010

I know I generally only write responses to conferences, but I couldn’t go to the UK for nearly three weeks and not write about it.

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TRAVELOGUE #11: Orlando, Florida 2010

There were 30 present at my talk which was a good turnout. No one left during the presentation so that made me really happy.

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