A friend of mine recently discovered that the man she was dating is a shallow prick. This was my response.

For him, that is.

Of course she thinks you were both exclusive. Her profile said that she was interested in a monogamous relationship. You know, mono equals one? If you’re into that sort of thing, by all means judge her for wanting to love one person. Just one.

Of course she had no idea she was a disposable pleasure. By all means, twist your words if that’s what you’re into.  Use them to paint a different picture than the one you were selling.

When you looked at her, here’s what you didn’t see:

A beautiful person.

A woman with a powerful impulse to give, to nurture, to love.

When I look at her, I see a strong resolve to keep going, keep believing. Her joie de vivre is a shield that is not easily penetrated. I’ve always been in awe of that shield. But tonight my friends, as evening sets in, she may lay down her shield and cry.   

Who could blame her?

Her heart is broken open. And a broken heart is a revelatory one for it reveals and conceals – and often heals in bunched up tissues and a good curl up.

Love is a battlefield. You got that right, Pat.

Tonight, wine may be the only comfort. No judgment there.

Drink up, my friend. Alcohol can be a bulwark against the memory of this person. That, and a good dose of solvitur ambulando. Just about anything can be solved by walking.

This isn’t about the married versus the single, the happy versus the unhappy, but to show that there is one world in which we all seek the same thing: love.

That, and integrity in people.

Wherever she is tonight, I want her to know that she is not alone. ‘Like’ this post to show that we stand in solidarity. We’ve all experienced heartache. We all know that what she is feeling tonight is temporary. Join me in reminding her that she travels not alone but in the company of compassionate souls. 

Love to all

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