Writing Wickets


Every writer should write with a Word Well, brimming with wickets! In WWA, a wicket (word+ticket) is a word that you use in your writing to liven up an idea. Repurpose a marmalade jar or yoghurt tub for your Well. If Hemingway knew about wells and wickets, I imagine his might have been more practical –an envelope that he could carry from café to café.

When you sit down to write – at the kitchen table, on the subway, in a coffee shop –draw one wicket from your Well. Resist the urge to draw a different one. Use it to better describe something or give voice to a thought or feeling. Use it when you’re stuck and need direction. Once used, put the wicket back or set aside until the Well is completely dry.

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$10 for 24, 1-inch hand-painted and ink-dyed wickets,
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