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A WWA Workshop is for anyone who wants to write – a teacher, a baker, a candlestick maker. Anyone.

WWA offers online, free-write workshops to anyone who wants to become a fearless writer. If you are reading this, your journey to become that writer has already begun. In a WWA Workshop, writing is a vehicle for exploring identity and (re)claiming voice in just 5-10 minutes of writing a day.

These workshops are for anyone who is busy – like in the door making dinner doing a load of laundry before bed busy – and yet, still craves a little adventure. Still wants to feel free to do creative things. And the desire to do something for yourself that is entirely yours is real. You can’t remember the last time you wrote anything personal but you want to; you just don’t know how or where to start. You might even be a classroom teacher looking for some unique writing prompts for your classroom.

If you recognize the story below, sign up for a WWA workshop and begin for yourself a new writing history. Become wholeheartedly, if not achingly, writerly!

I expect to know what to say before I write it.
I expect perfection from a first draft.
I loathe any attempt to write.
I hate the way my writing sounds.
I cringe at the time I waste on a single sentence.
I agonize over finding the right words.
I worry about what others think of my writing.
I measure my work against others.
I convince myself that imitation is stealing.
I think that there is a right way to write.

Upcoming Workshops

Write Freely Workshop
October 01, 2017

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